Stop Junk Mail with this Nifty Free Printable

Frugalogical Footprints

Photo by Aelis Harris from Burst

Junk mail is not only annoying, it’s also environmentally damaging. From the trees that are cut down to produce it, to the energy used to delivery it, to the space it takes up in our landfills once it is no longer used (let’s face it, not everyone recycles), junk mail comes at a high cost both to advertiser, the recipients and the planet. Indeed, it’s a non-negligible contributor to climate change if you consider that, according to, junk mail’s annual carbon footprint is equal to that of seven U.S. states combined. However, evidence suggests that paper advertising is 5 times more effective than email, which means that unless we take concerted action, it is an annoyance that will not go away on its own.

By refusing to receive unwanted advertising, you send a powerful signal to industry to stop (or at least reduce)…

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